Kinetico San Antonio water softeners, dechlorinators and reverse osmosis systems solve a variety of water issues in the area. From hard water to chlorine, Kinetico products can be combined to provide a whole house water system, giving homeowners better-than-bottled quality running out of the tap. Kinetico quality water systems are used in rural, problem water areas and where water is supplied by municipally controlled water utilities.

Kinetico San Antonio water softeners solve the issue of hard water in the home or business. In addition to the hair and skin benefits of having a water softener, customers also enjoy cleaner clothes and dishes, longer-lasting appliances, and fixtures free of hard water stains. Kinetico San Antonio’s non-electric water softeners only work as needed, reducing water waste that occurs in electric systems.

Restaurants and hotels throughout San Antonio also benefit from Kinetico water softeners, chlorine filters and reverse osmosis systems. From compact water softeners to industrial systems with high flow rates, businesses save time and money by having quality water run through their tap. In addition, better water means better food, beverages, linens, and towels.

Kinetico’s K5 Reverse Osmosis System is the highest contaminant removal systems in the industry, featuring delivering a strong and steady stream of pure water. Quick-disconnect filters and a change indicator make owning this system a breeze. In addition to these products, Kinetico San Antonio offers saltless and drinking water systems and filters address sulfur, arsenic, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, and pH levels.

Contact Kinetico San Antonio today for high quality water systems for the home or business. To begin, a Kinetico water technician will conduct free water testing and check your site for plumbing considerations. Next, your dedicated technician will help match you with the right combination of products dependent on your needs. Schedule a free water test today to get started!