Legacy Products

Kinetico is committed to providing you with the best products to solve your water problems. Our engineers and water experts are always looking at ways to make our products work better, last longer or make your life easier. If the Kinetico product in your home is not featured elsewhere on this site, there’s a good chance we’ve made advancements to our product line and your product is now a Kinetico Legacy Product.

You can rest assured that Kinetico’s Legacy Products are still capable of solving your water problems; they just lack our newest innovations. As long as the warranty has not expired, Kinetico will still honor its warranty and stand behind its products. Your authorized, independent Kinetico dealer will still be able to obtain any necessary parts and service for your system. But should you decide you want to see what’s new from Kinetico, feel free to look around our site or speak to your local Kinetico dealer. You’ll love what we can do for you now.

KUV Disinfection System

KUV Disinfection System

KUV whole house disinfection systems are used to disinfect water and make it safe to drink again. Intense ultraviolet light in the KUV system kills bacteria, viruses and cysts in water.

Model Numbers - KUV 1200 and KUV 1200x

Third-party Certifications | Warranties | KUV 1200 Owner’s Manual | KUV 1200x Owner’s Manual

For parts and/or service for your system, contact Your Local Kinetico Dealer.

AquaKinetic® Series Water Softeners

AquaKinetic Water Softener

Compact design, powerful performance

AquaKinetic Series water softeners are powered by the force of moving water, not electricity, so they’re economical and reliable. Where space is tight, AquaKinetic Series systems fit right in.

An AquaKinetic Series water softener monitors your water usage and regenerates only when necessary. Since regeneration is based on your actual water use, it will regenerate at any time of the day or night, but only when needed, which saves salt, water and money. Its two-tank design means you will have a continuous supply of soft water, even during the regeneration process. One tank is always in service while the other tank is either on standby or regenerating.

Don’t let the compact design of an AquaKinetic Series water softener fool you. It can provide you with soft, iron-free water for years to come. Talk with your local Kinetico water professional and find out if an AquaKinetic Series system is right for you.

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