The Water Store has been in business since 1975, and is a family owned business of Kim and Leo Petrino, and children Mark Petrino and Lisa Petrino House. The Water Store has been treating both well water and city water in the Twin Lakes Area with the Non-Electric Kinetico water conditioners. The Water Store also has Reverse Osmosis Bottled water stations to fill your own water bottles, and has bottled water delivery for home and business use. The Water Store specializes in treating all water of all kinds. We also service all makes of units and sell the sodium free product of Klife for those who cannot have sodium in their water. The Water Store also equips most of the industrial and commercial businesses in the 150 mile radius with Kinetico Water Treatment Products, such as the Hospitals, Restaurants, Car Washes, Nursing Homes, School Systems, and Industrial Factories. The Water Store also sells chlorinators, Ultraviolet lights, distillers and Reverse Osmosis water purification and will create a filter for any water problem you may be experiencing.
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