Mark Brotman








As Senior Research Scientist and member of Kinetico’s Innovation group, Mark Brotman is relied upon to research and develop point-of-use, whole house and municipal drinking water treatment equipment. His research of water treatment equipment includes theory, experimental design, test rig construction, data analysis, reporting, and presentations to internal and external stakeholder groups. Mark gives seminars on the nature of specific contaminants and their treatment, and supports individual dealers, technical service departments and other divisions with focused research and guidance on water issues. Brotman actively supports water development projects in Central America and Africa with site visits and technical leadership.

Prior to Kinetico, Brotman worked as Acting Associate Director for Research at the Northern Marianas College on Saipan, having starting there as Aquaculturist, Research and Extension. Brotman served as the Northern Marianas’ Supervisor of Fisheries Research and Management Section for the Department of Lands and Natural Resources, where he began as a Fisheries Biologist III. Brotman’s career includes the Peace Corps as a teacher and Fisheries Advisor in Western Samoa.

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