Edgewater Park Cleanup Effort Collects 405 Pounds of Trash

Kinetico Incorporated Teams with Drink Local, Drink Tap™ to Help Protect Cleveland’s Water Supply 

Newbury, OH – September 2017— On Saturday, September 9, 149 volunteers consisting of Kinetico Incorporated employees, family and friends, took to Edgewater Park in Cleveland, Ohio, armed with gloves, trash bags and determination. Focused on collecting trash that’s accumulated on Lake Erie’s shoreline, the goal was to keep as much waste as possible out of Cleveland’s local water source. 

Kinetico, a global leader in the water treatment industry, joined forces with Drink Local, Drink Tap, the non-profit organization that inspires people to carefully value and protect our water as a basic necessity of life. Together, they are working to promote water awareness and help those less fortunate gain access to clean, safe water.  “We want to alleviate the need for Ugandan women and children to walk miles a day to collect water that makes them sick,” says Beth Allison, Kinetico’s director of marketing. “In addition, we are focusing efforts locally to improve the quality of water in our own backyard.”

“Keeping trash out of water sources like Lake Erie is a great first step to keeping our water supply safe,” says Erin Huber, executive director and founder of Drink Local, Drink Tap. “In Northeast Ohio, we are water rich, but even here, we need to do our part to make sure we keep our water supply clean.”

For many years, Kinetico has been a DLDT sponsor and has had representation on its board of directors. Today, DLDT is Kinetico’s water advocacy partner and water charity of choice. “The beach cleanup was our first joint effort to make a difference in the Cleveland area. We anticipate many more opportunities to positively impact the world’s water crisis, both globally and locally,” Allison adds.     


About Kinetico Founded in 1970, Kinetico is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of water treatment systems for the residential, commercial and OEM markets. Recognized for its reliable, economical and sustainable approach to water treatment, Kinetico products are used and recommended by millions of people all over the world. Further information is available at 

About Drink Local, Drink Tap, Inc.

DLDT works locally and globally to inspire people to carefully value and protect our water as a basic necessity of life. DLDT travels twice a year to Uganda (East Africa) to plan, implement and follow-up on sustainable water projects that are managed by Erin Huber, DLDT’s executive director and founder. DLDT is directly saving lives and improving the health and education of vulnerable children by removing the 4 miles a day walk to collect and haul unsafe water for daily consumption in Ugandan villages. Drink Local. Drink Tap, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization.

DLDT goes beyond inspiration: Together, we are making positive change.

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