Edward Robakowski

• Cleveland State University, B.S. in Biology

• Patent # US 6,482,372 “Process for Recovering Palladium from a
Solution” issued November 19, 2002
• Patent # US 9,061,924 “Method and Apparatus for Reducing the
Mineral Scaling Potential of Water Used in a Heated Appliance”
issued June 23, 2015

• American Water Works Association – Wendell R. LaDue Award 2008
• Water Quality Association – Reagents Award 2015
Chairman – Regulatory Database Advisory Committee
Member – State and Regional Government Affairs Committee
• American Chemical Society
• AOAC International (Association of Official Analytical Chemists)
• Water Environment Federation
• American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists

• Acknowledged Peer Reviewer and Contributor of:
– EPA/600/R-03/080 — “Removal of Arsenic from Drinking Water by Ion Exchange”
– EPA/600/R-03/019 — “Removal of Arsenic from Drinking Water by Adsorptive Media”
– Residential Water Processing 2nd edition 1997 - Water Quality Association
– “All About Water” — A Dictionary of Water Treatment Terminology ISBN 0-9701807-0-5
– ASM International Corrosion Course #14 — Lessons 4 & 5 1995

• State of Ohio Class 1 Water Treatment Operator
• Board Certified Environmental Scientist

A water chemistry expert with more than 35 years of experience, Edward Robakowski is an authority in diagnosing water problems. He is a Board Certified Environmental Scientist - Specialty Environmental Chemistry. In his current duties, Robakowski is involved in overseeing advanced research studies, acting as a technical consultant for water-related investigations, serving as the Corporate Intellectual Property Manager and as the company’s representative in International Standards Organizations. He also acts as the Senior Water Treatment Plant Operator.

In 1986, he joined Kinetico as a Research Scientist before serving as Laboratory Manager for twenty years. As the Manager of Kinetico’s analytical and applications laboratory, Robakowski oversaw the facility where water samples from various industries, consumers and municipalities are tested and monitored for problem resolution.

In 1982, Robakowski began his scientific career with the Mogul Corporation, which supplied chemical water treatment products and environmental services to the boiler, cooling tower and waste water markets. He began as an Environmental Chemist before progressing to the position of Research Chemist, where his primary focus was on formulating and performance-testing of new chemical treatment products for scale control and corrosion inhibition on industrial cooling towers.

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