What is a water filter and how does water filtration work?

A water filter is a device where water flows through a barrier, trapping the contaminants or particles, but allowing the water to pass. Water filtration typically uses a filtration media or a filter cartridge to reduce specific impurities in a water supply, but sometimes, the media will add something that’s lacking in the water. Water filters can come in many forms: under-the-sink, refrigerator, countertop, faucet-mount, in-line or whole house models. Many water filters use a filtration media, like activated carbon, to filter the water. The media traps unwanted particles, tastes and odors or other contaminants, before the water reaches its final destination.

Which Water Filters are best for your home?

Little girl drinking water at kitchen tableA water filtration system is a great alternative to bottled water and is commonly used by many homeowners to improve the taste, smell and appearance of water. Since there are many types of water filters designed to do different things, you’ll need to know what problems you are experiencing with your water so you can install the appropriate filter.

Water Filtration for Drinking Water

If your goal is to improve your home’s drinking water, you should consider a reverse osmosis system or a drinking water filtration system. These systems are installed at the point-of-use, near a sink and faucet, treating and dispensing the water used for drinking or cooking only.

Reverse osmosis systems, like the Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station, utilize the process of reverse osmosis to treat water. The system combines reverse osmosis, which is recognized as the most effective method to treat drinking water, with other filtration methods, to produce clean, refreshing water. Often, reverse osmosis systems are categorized as water purification devices.

Kinetico’s drinking water filters like the Kube Advanced Water Filtration System and MACguard Filter are simple, economical options to improve the taste, smell and quality of water. To determine if one of these options is right for you, contact your local Kinetico water specialist.

Water Filtration for Common Water Problems

If your home has problem water, Kinetico offers water softeners and specialty water filters that are engineered to solve your specific water challenge. In most cases, these solutions are installed where the water enters your home, (point-of-entry) and filter the water used throughout your home.

Our filters solve these common water issues:

Cloudy Water

Cloudy water and filtered waterMost often, cloudy water is caused by turbidity (small particles) in the water supply. The murky, gray appearance is created by suspended matter or total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water. Sometimes cloudy water is from air bubbles in water. If you have cloudy water, a water test will determine if a specialty water filter, drinking water system or water softeners will best solve your problem.

Hard Water

Water containing dissolved calcium and magnesium is hard water. The hardness level depends on the amount of dissolved minerals the water contains. Hard water can ruin appliances, water pipes, fixtures and more. If you have hard water, the best solution will be a water softener.

Blue-Green Staining

If you notice blue-green stains on sinks, showers or in other high water-usage areas, your water may be slightly acidic or have a low pH value. Acidic water can cause corrosion and other problems, but a specialty water filter can be used to increase the water’s pH level. If your home shows signs of blue-green staining, Kinetico has a specialty filter to improve your water. Schedule a water test to determine if there are other issues with your water.

Rust Staining

Rusty, iron-stained sink drainIf your water leaves a reddish-orange stain on sinks, showers or clothing, there could be iron in your water. There are many ways to tackle iron problems. One of the most common is with an iron filter.

Rotten Egg Smell

If your water smells like rotten eggs, there’s a strong chance you have hydrogen sulfide in the water. The unpleasant taste and smell make it difficult to use your water. High concentrations can leave clothing and hair smelling like sulfur too. Kinetico has several options to improve eliminate odors from water, including the Kinetico Sulfur Guard.

Chlorine Taste and Smell

Many municipal water suppliers use chlorine to disinfect drinking water. Or possibly, you are using chlorine to disinfect your well water. Chlorine is not harmful in small quantities, but it can add unwanted tastes and smells to your drinking water. Chlorine content in water can also dry out hair and skin and ruin rubber seals. If your water smells strongly of chlorine, a Kinetico Dechlorinator or Chloramine Reduction System can help. Contact your local Kinetico water specialist to see what is best for your water.

Scale (Limescale)

If your home is affected by hard water, it is likely you have scale buildup around your home. Scale is a white, chalk-like substance that forms on surfaces when hard water evaporates. Scale buildup can damage water-using appliances, water pipes and fixtures. For scale problems, consider a water softener or Scale Reduction System to improve your water.

Water filtration can solve your specific water challenges easily and economically. Depending on your water’s quality, one or more systems may be necessary to improve your water. Schedule a water test with a Kinetico water specialist. They will test your water and create a water treatment plan based on your home’s needs. Find your water expert or schedule a free water test below.