A Rich Past

Bill Prior and Jim KewleyIn 1970, Kinetico founders Bill Prior and Jim Kewley pioneered the development of a non-electric, demand operated, fully automatic water softener. It was the start of Kinetico: a company that ultimately changed the water treatment industry and the lives of millions of people around the world.

From its inception in northeast Ohio, Kinetico has grown from a two-man creative undertaking into a strong and dynamic organization that spans the globe. Kinetico became part of the Axel Johnson Group in 2006 and narrowed its focus on improving water for residential and commercial customers. Continuous innovation and product development, along with expansions and acquisitions, have anchored Kinetico as a leader in the ever-evolving water treatment industry.


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This Is Who We Are

Our vision is to be THE choice for total water care. Whether water is used for practical, functional uses or to enhance our emotional well-being, water plays a vital role in our lives. Having worry-free water of the highest quality throughout a home or business offers peace-of-mind that becomes essential once it’s experienced. In addition to helping people enjoy and fully embrace their water again, Kinetico is focused on the responsible stewardship of water for use by future generations. The values our founders instilled in our organization continue to drive our innovation, growth and successes today.

At Kinetico, It's not only about what we do, but how we do it. 

Those who connect with Kinetico and share a similar vision and values often fit in well, and continue on to succeed and prosper.



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It's The Right Time To Get Into Water Treatment

Technician Adjusts SoftenerConsumers are more interested in water and water treatment than ever before. Emerging threats presented by new sources of contamination and concerns over aging water infrastructures are leading more people to seek out water treatment options. According to a recent Water Quality Association national study of “Consumers’ Opinions and Perceptions Regarding Water Quality,” concern about the safety of tap water is growing. More than half of those surveyed were not confident that their water supply was safe, and the majority bought some sort of water treatment when they moved into their current home. Additionally, the survey concluded that more than ¾ of all Americans regularly consume bottled water, and the number of homes with a water softener installed is on the rise.

 Industry experts forecast revenues will double between 2015 and 2025

The current North American water treatment industry generates several billions of dollars per year, and projections indicate that revenue will continue to grow for years to come. Consumers are demanding convenient, effective and reliable ways to have high quality water in their homes, and Kinetico continues to respond to this opportunity with intelligent solutions. Starting a Kinetico Dealership or adding Kinetico products to your existing business offers a truly unique and exciting opportunity.


Kinetico Water SoftenerA Better Way Of Doing Things

Kinetico water treatment products are thoughtfully-designed based on consumer wants and needs. We combine our expertise with an approach that refuses to be ordinary to develop the best solutions. Kinetico’s highly-engineered water treatment systems are efficient, effective and reliable. Our systems can solve the most challenging water issues or simply improve the taste of water. The majority of Kinetico products are made in the USA, patented, third-party certified and backed by long, comprehensive manufacturer’s warranties.

Kinetico Products Are Unique

Kinetico water softeners and filters will give you an immediate edge in your marketplace. With a wide variety of models and sizes, our systems can handle varying water conditions and accommodate just about any budget. The distinct features and benefits of Kinetico systems drive the demand for our proprietary products and accessories that generate repeat business and ongoing service revenue. And our product claims are backed by third-party certification, so consumers can trust our systems will do what we say they will do. We also proudly offer the World’s Most Efficient Water Softener.* Kinetico products rank high in customer satisfaction, thanks to their trouble-free operation. Online reviews and satisfaction surveys prove our customers love their Kinetico systems.

Reverse Osmosis SystemsK5 Drinking Water Station

Smart engineering didn’t stop with Kinetico water softeners. Some of the most advanced thinking is behind our drinking water systems. The K5 Drinking Water Station boasts high daily production rates and a strong, consistent flow from the faucet, and it’s certified to significantly reduce more contaminants than comparable systems. The K5 includes unique features like EverClean® Rinse and Flex-Filtration for customized and consistent water quality. And proprietary filter cartridges are available only through Kinetico Dealers to provide repeat service business and ongoing revenue.

Specialty ProductsKinetico Leak Detection

Kinetico is in the business of improving lives through better water, and that can mean protecting consumers from the damaging effects of hard, iron-laden water, or helping people prevent or minimize damage caused by water where it shouldn’t be. That’s why you’ll find we offer products to handle emerging water issues such as chloramine, viruses and bacteria, arsenic and PFOA/PFOS as well as a state-of-the-art leak detection system.

Commercial ApplicationsCommercial RO System

In addition to solving water problems in people’s homes, many Kinetico Dealers also choose to improve the water used in hotels, restaurants and cafes. Kinetico offers a complete line of commercial water treatment equipment to help businesses impress their customers, solve water problems and improve their bottom line.

Your Success Is Our Goal

Kinetico offers a fantastic opportunity to start your own independent business or complement your existing business with a known, national brand. We also support you in a variety of areas such as technical product support, sales, marketing and advertising, business development and accounting. Additionally, Kinetico offers a multitude of programs and materials to help you acquire leads, make the sale and smoothly run your business.

Our primary goal is to see our Dealers succeed and grow. 

You're Never Alone With Kinetico

In addition to a ripe sales environment and an opportunity to sell unique products in an exclusive territory, Kinetico offers so much more to ensure your success. Here's a sample of what we offer: