Welcome to NEIL W. KNAUSS

Neil’s Water Conditioning is owned and operated by Neil Knauss. Based in Logan, Iowa, Neil’s Water serves SouthWest Iowa and a portion of NorthEast Nebraska. With 32 years of professional experience, Neil is well-known as the “problem solver” for water quality issues. Neil understands the water in his area and the factors that impact its quality. He works with his customers to find the solutions that will produce the best possible results within a budget. He offers everything that one might need to improve water- from water softeners to reverse osmosis equipment to backwashing filters.

Neil is well-respected in the area. Known for his expertise, integrity and work ethic, he proudly stands behind his work. For businesses and private residences alike, people have come to depend on Neil when water is the issue. A commitment to the highest standards in customer service is Neil’s top priority. Contact him today and see for yourself!