In Lake, Marion & Sumter counties in central Florida for over 25 years, we have helped thousands of homeowners find solutions to their water problems. Central Florida Water Processing Systems, Inc. has been owned by the same folks since our inception in November of 1987. How is YOUR water? Hard, chlorinated, smelly, dirty? We can treat both city and well water to give you and your family beautiful, clear, iron-free and wonderfully soft water in every faucet in your house.

Is your BUSINESS having water-related problems? We will test the water at your site, analyze your total needs and leave a written quote giving you the most cost effective, efficient and long-lasting water treatment equipment on the market today. The test, analysis and quote are free! We have solved water problems for hotels & restaurants, doctors' & dentist's offices, car washes & laundro-mats, church & resort facilities and many others. Call for a list of references and to schedule your free analysis.

For residential needs, we also offer a free in-home water test and plumbing analysis to determine the very best solution for your particular situation and we will leave a written quote for your consideration. Our WQA certified engineer can suggest the proper equipment for even the most difficult water problems. Give us a call and let us prove it!

Here's some local installations
Here are examples of some of the actual installations we have done in our 22-plus years here in Central Florida.

Got an RV? Check out the world's smallest fully-contained water softener - use it at home AND take it with you!

Call for pictures, references in your area or to schedule your FREE, NO-OBLIGATION WATER TEST!
$250.00 off a Kinetico whole-house water treatment system. $100.00 off a Kinetico Drinking Water system.