Alaska Pure Water Products (APWP)has been in business since 1985. Under current ownership since 1993, APWP has grown to be a leader in the water treatment and purification business in Alaska. Serving the far reaches of the State, APWP has the experience and staff to solve the mysteries of water treatment and purification. We offer a wide variety of water treatment and purification products for residential, commercial, municipal, and small community water systems. Whether it be surface water or ground water, a cabin water system or a large commercial water system, APWP should be your treatment experts of choice.

APWP also offers 5 gallon bottled water delivery service and dispenser rentals in the Anchorage area. Other water products include 1 gallon purified and distilled, reagent grade water, bulk water delivery, and a "water bar" at our retail location for those who want to fill their own.