In recent times, many people in the United States have become aware of the challenges surrounding lead in schools. Most importantly awareness has piqued around the lead concentration in school water supplies that our children drink from, use to wash their hands and much more. According to a recent article written by Maggie Fox of NBC News, more than forty percent of schools that participated in lead testing found one or more water samples that were above recommended lead concentration levels. This means that millions of American children are exposed to lead at unsafe levels each day when they are at school.

The challenge we face is that there are no strict policies for lead testing across the United States. There is certainly more awareness around the lead issues that exist in our aging infrastructure. Now we need to act to find resolutions. When it comes to schools, many with known lead or other water issues are implementing solutions to provide safer water for students. However, according to Maggie Fox’s article, the Government Accountability Office found that nearly forty one percent of school districts in the United States have not tested their water supplies for lead within the last year. Many children across the United States could be exposed to lead and other contaminants, and the schools are unaware of whether they do or do not have lead levels above the recommended threshold.

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