Benefits of Better Water


Softer, smoother skin

Kinetico's soft, dechlorinated water eliminates odors, tastes and drying effects of hard water on your skin and hair.

Brighter colors and longer-lasting clothes

Kinetico conditioned water cleans the way water should, by completely ridding laundry of dirt and grime.

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Safe drinking water

Crystal clear Kinetico drinking water can be enjoyed straight from the tap without foul odors or tastes—telltale signs of impurity. Even ice cubes are free of cloudy imperfections.

Clean foods, tastier meals

Foods washed and cooked using Kinetico filtered water make your favorite recipes taste even better.

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Kinetico protects the well-being of your children, pets and all other members of your family by offering the highest quality treated drinking water.


Drinking Kinetico filtered water can help prevent short-term memory loss and fatigue, which are both associated with the slightest drop in the body's water supply.

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The Environment

Mother Nature approved

Kinetico allows you to enjoy quality drinking water without the waste, pollution, and depletion of natural resources associated with plastic bottles.

Energy efficient

Instead of electricity, Kinetico water systems use the energy generated from moving water to power the filtration process.

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Less time and money cleaning

Kinetico conditioned water eliminates lime buildup and rust stains, plus it cuts down on soap scum—and less cleaning means spending less on cleaning supplies.

Energy savings

Realize major savings on the second biggest energy user in your home: your water heater.

Extends life of appliances

By eliminating lime scale buildup, water-using appliances can easily outlive their warranty.

Bye-bye, bottled water

Eliminate the expense and waste of bottled water. Not only does Kinetico offer relief from the cost of producing and packaging plastic bottles, but also the cost of transportation involved in obtaining them.

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