289 M

Number of millions of gallons of water conserved annually.

39 M

Annual reduction in pounds of salt consumption for Kinetico customers.

96 %

of Kinetico customers would choose to use Kinetico again.

Food Service

Deliver great-tasting drinking water for your customers and improve the consistency of water as a food and beverage ingredient. Your china, glass and silver will look finely polished with minimal effort from your staff. Your customers will notice the difference.  

See what Steve Schimoler, Executive Chef, Crop Bistro in downtown Cleveland, Ohio has to say about Kinetico Water Systems.

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Give your guests softer, brighter linens washed with soft water. You will spend less time cleaning, using less chemicals, and you’ll cut down on the replacement and maintenance costs for bathroom fixtures and water-using appliances.

See what Valari Barlett, Hotel Manager, Hotel Ruidoso, has to say about Kinetico Water Systems.


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Specialty Applications

Ensure that your water performs consistently in any application by reducing contaminants and improving water quality. Our team of commercial water treatment experts will work with you to design a system that meets your unique needs.

See what Chief John Phillips, Auburn, Ohio Fire Department, has to say about Kinetico Water Systems


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